Video Blogging Rig

$120 USD


A must-have equupment for the aspiring filmmaker, Youtuber or vlogger. This all-in-one gadget can fit iPhones and most smartphones with a 4cm to 11cm screen.


Shooting is much easier with this video stabilizer rig with two handles. The 3 standard shoe mount slots can host lighting and microphone attachments. You can easily mount it with any tripod.


Included in the package is a professional studio light with 96 pieces of high-quality LED beads.Rotating the switch can adjust the brightness levels to suit different photo effects. Both external power input and battery power input requiring 4 x AA batteries are supported.


Enclosed microphone can fit any device that has a 3.5mm socket. It delivers superb stereo sound and doesn't need any battery.


Package includes: tripod, video rig, microphone, studio light and all the necessary attachments as shown in photo.



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