Coca-Cola Apple (Pack of 6) - Japan-exclusive coke flavor

$20 USD


With its caramel flavor and autumnal apple taste, the Coca-Cola Apple is another Japan-exclusive Coca-Cola drink with universal appeal. This coke drink is the latest in the successful series of beverages developed in Japan by Coca-Cola for the local market. Imagine the richly seasonal tastes of the fall bottled into a carbonated drink that is recognizably coke yet also quite different. Available in Japan for a limited time only, now you can try the apple delights of this unique Coca-Cola drink.

The Coca-Cola Apple features:

  • Exclusive to Japan
  • Pack of 6 bottles
  • Bottle: 500 ml (17 fl oz)
  • 46 kcal per 100 ml (3 fl oz)
  • Contains caffeine
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