Sugar Mirror - Robba Edition

$3,121.46 USD


Sugar mirror was designed by Noe Duchaufour for Robba Edition (Addiction collection).


This mirror and seems to dissolve in space, in a rain of falling pieces.


Sugar Mirror is made in France from high quality 3mm acrylic mirror glass. It is constructed using a technique of digital laser cutting which enables to cut with great precision, making it possible to create such complex and impressive shapes.


Both fixed and moving, Sugar Mirror is a very aesthetically pleasing mirror, which decomposes itself and also its suroundings by distorting what it reflects. The Sugar Mirror looks just like a rainfall of sugar cubes.


Installing the mirror is simplified by using the supplied double sided Velcro tapes. An installation plan is included so that you can easily replicate the proposed pattern, but you can always create your own pattern by relocating the pieces to your match your space requirements.

The Addiction collection, edited by Robba Edition, proposes a new design approach with contemporary mirrors, an exclusive collection where desire and emotion reign.


  • Material: acrylic mirror glass.
  • Height: 230 cm, width: 215 cm.
  • Height: 98.4", width: 84.6".
  • Easy to hang and clean (cleaning cloth included).
  • Double-side Velcro buddies, installation plan included.
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