Portable Push Up Board

$80 USD


Tone those abs and biceps with this portable push up board that's easy to assemble and dismantle.


Different colors combine to train different body parts: the blue part exercises the chest, green is for the triceps, red is for the shoulder, yellow is for the latissimus dorsi muscle.


The push up board has a folding bracket plate that is also equipped with a detachable handle for ease of carrying. As long as there is a flat ground, it can be used for exercise. After being used, it is easily folded and locked, and the exercise board instantly turns into a compact suitcase which can be stored at home, in the car or anywhere.


Weight: 1.24 kg


Dimensions: 172 x 93 x 36 mm (handle)

300 x 180 x 36 mm ( push up support)

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