Mikasa Haro Soccer Ball - Science fiction anime robot character indoor ball

$88 USD


In Mobile Suit Gundam, Haro is a versatile robot companion - but did you know it also plays soccer?! The Mikasa Haro Soccer Ball is an officially licensed merchandise item made by a leading sports equipment manufacturer. Of course, the sponge ball comes in the signature green color of robot and also features its red eyes, mouth, and panels. The ball is soft and suitable for indoor use.

The Mikasa Haro Soccer Ball features:

  • Soccer/football ball
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Officially licensed merchandise
  • Based on robot character from Gundam
  • Recommended for ages 6 and above
  • Circumference: 62-64 cm (24-25")
  • Weight: 150-170 g (5-6 oz)
  • Material: EVA (sponge)
  • Made in Japan
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