0.7mm Pencil Mechanism

$20 USD


Mechanical pencils are the tool of choice for most drawers, drafters, designers, and writers but the size of lead used is a constant point of debate and comes down to personal preference.

Technical Details: Made from 100% metal. Parts are made from raw brass, chrome plated brass and stainless steel.

When selecting your lead size remember that the Modern Fuel mechanical pencil body can accept any of the three mechanism sizes and they are interchangeable depending on what you are working on.

It's well known that a 0.5mm mechanism is a great choice for fine work and details. It is the most common mechanical pencil lead size and is great for many tasks including fine detail work, sketching, writing and technical drawing.

For those that need a bolder line or switch from writing, sketching and less detailed technical drawing, a 0.7 lead is a great choice. The width of the 0.7mm line is very similar to a ballpoint or rollerball pen.

If you are making the switch from pen to pencil a 0.9mm mechanism is a great choice or if you are an artist that enjoys shading you will be pleased with the weight of the 0.9mm lead. The 0.9mm lead is closer to the size of the original mechanical pencil leads from the late 1940’s. The lead is still good for writing, sketching and with some control, you can have strong solid lines our light shading.

Whichever sized lead you chose you can be confident you are going to get a consistent and smooth line and remember you can always switch it out for another size.

Includes: 0.7mm mechanism, tube of lead, Allen key

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