Luxury Handmade Metal Pens

$180 USD



If only we had more time... Our classic retractable ballpoint pen will allow you to carve out time to think, plan and create


Modern Fuel provides luxury handmade metal pens that our team carefully handcrafts in the United States. Each of these luxury ballpoint pens is 100% fabricated from an individual piece of metal to offer an impressively durable and robust product. All by-products are re-melted and made into other varying parts to aid in furthering sustainable manufacturing practices. We believe that the perfect way to disconnect from life’s constant buzzing and focus one’s thought is through written word or sketched expressions. Therefore, we test our luxury handmade metal pens to ensure a perfectly weight-balanced instrument from end to end. Additionally, Modern Fuel proudly backs each of their products with a lifetime guarantee, assuring that even in the most unexpected cases, we have you covered. We offer our pens in Titanium, Copper, and Stainless Steel. For more options, check out our collection of handcrafted mechanical pencils.!--split--!

Be creative, not concerned

  1. Buy now
  2. Test
  3. Keep or return - no questions asked
  4. Support - we are here to help
  5. Achieve -Be your best

Quality Guarantee

  • Lifetime guarantee and support - no questions asked
  • 100% metal: no plastic parts
  • Hand-blended and finished
  • Fisher Space ballpoint refill
  • Removable powder-coated clip
  • Scotch Brite pad for upkeep

Still have questions? Give us a call - 512-909-3503 We are happy to help.

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