SD Card Reader Adapter For TYPE C

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The USB C to SD card reader adapter is a very portable product,it has a beautiful appearance, a compact and lightweight design, and practical functions.This makes it your best partner for your journey and work, life.It allows you to share camera photos and videos to social networks anytime, anywhere.
Up to 5Gbps transfer speed, whether you transfer pictures or video, it allows you to complete quickly, which is much faster than using WiFi. Type-C port gives it a wide range of compatibility, it is suitable for smartphones / laptops / tablets with OTG features, etc.
1.Basic parameters:
Operating Voltage:3.3V—4V
Operating current:<500mA
Interface:SD Card/TF Card/USB Receptacle
W/R Speed:USB2.0 Speed(14MB/S-16MB/S)
2. compatibility:
Type-C compatible devices: Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/Note 8/Note 9, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Macbook 2017/2016/2015, MacBook Pro/Air, New iPad Pro, Google Chromebook Pixel, Dell XPS 13/15 , Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, etc.
1). Make sure your USB C smartphone supports the OTG feature. 
2). The ports of the SD card / TF card and USB interface cannot be used at the same time. 
3). All smartphones do not recognize the NTFS format. They only support the FAT32 format. Please back up the files on the memory card and format the memory card to FAT32 format.
4). The USB peripherals may not work if the current over 500mAh.
5).For iPad Pro, it only support transfer photos from your SD card to iPad Pro. If photos were not taken by the digital camera, use your computer, create a folder called "DCIM" to the root of your memory card. Copy the photos and videos into the DCIM folder. Rename each photo and video file as "IMG_XXXX", where XXXX is a unique number. For example, if you had one JPG file and one .MOV file, name them "IMG_0001.JPG" and "IMG_0002.MOV".
4.Package Include:
1 * USB C Card Reader
1 x User Manual

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