Smart Rope Rookie

$39.95 USD


Smart Rope Rookie: An App-Connected Jump Rope that Motivates You to Jump to New Heights

Smart Rope Rookie, or just Rookie for short, is a true and improved fitness experience like never before. The smooth and easy handling of this jump rope makes your next cardio workout a pure breeze, and it's connectivity to the free SmartRope app, will allow you to track your workout stats, exercise progress, and lets you challenge others to a jump rope competition, making it the best workout tool out there!


Check out the many features of the Rookie:

  • Available in 1 freely adjustable size, that will fit almost anyone and does not have to be cut. 
  • Available in 4 colors - Black, Blue, Coral, and Pink
  • The handles look and feel smooth and can be easily detached to mix and match the different colors
  • The rope itself is thin, durable, but heavy enough to allow for fast jumps
  • Rope is housed at an innovative 45 degree angle, gliding across 4 sets of ball bearings for natural, effortless motion
  • Magnetic sensors in the handles register one complete revolution of the rope as one complete jump, for accurate tracking
  • Pairs via Bluetooth to SmartRope app, our mobile app available on iOS, Android, and Apple Watch
  • Makes use of coin batteries (one of which is provided upon purchase), which will last you 6-9 months.
  • Includes a fabric pouch for maximum portability 


The SmartRope app is our app that connects to the Smart Rope Rookie, which receives and relays your workout information in real time. The SmartRope app is available on Android or iOS devices, as well as fitness wearables!

SmartRope tracks your jump count, calories burned, time spent jumping, and your daily goal.

SmartRope app also offers a lot of other fun and immersive features that will motivate you to keep jumping!

The SmartRope app has a built-in Interval Training setting to is easy to incorporate into your normal workouts, or you can customize your own Interval Training!

The app also has a reward system built in that shows you rewards you earned by jumping ever more, high enough levels can even exchange them for real life rewards!

Tired of jumping rope all by yourself? You can now challenge other SmartRope users to jumping rope competitions in Competition mode! This way you can see how well you do against other and how far you have come!

SmartRope app also shows your jumping rope history and how you rank against other SmartRope app users!


Jumping rope is one of the best workouts there is! Burning more fat than any other exercise, with the least chance of injury, but also being so easy to master! So jump to new highs in your life and stay motivated with Smart Rope Rookie and the SmartRope app!

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