Inspired By Banksy BRANDALISM Rug Flower Bomber - Medicom Toy

$360 USD


ThisMedicom ToyInspired By Banksy BRANDALISM Rug made in 100% Acrylic, features the iconic “Flower Bomber” graffiti by theAnonymous graffiti artist, Banksy. Released in July 2018, this inspired by Banksy BRANDALISM Rug is the perfect accent to indulge in decorating the floor of your favorite room with art. More details on Inspired By Bansky BRANDALISM Rug Flower Bomber – Medicom Toy:

  • Dimensions: 21.65″ x 31.49″ x 1″ inches
  • Material (Fabric): 100% Acrylic
  • Release Date: July 2018
  • Medicom Toy / SYNC BRANDALISM
  • MMXV Full Color Black Ltd.

About Banksy

While to this day the person known as Banksy is yet to be identified, we can still understand and chart much of the person’s history and repertoire. Banksy began their artwork in 1990 as afreehand graffiti artist, under the umbrella Crew of the Bristol DryBreadZ. Inspired by a plethora of local street artists and interested in breaking into the underground scene, Banksy was heavily influenced by local talents such as the artists Nick Walker, Inkie, and 3D. Around this time and while tagging many areas around Bristol, Banksy met the photographer Steve Lazarides who would become Banksy’s agent. Lazarides would take this opportunity to sell Banksy’s art through his various channels. Utilizing these stencils for their artwork, Banksy has made numerous pieces that are scattered around the UK, all of which usually contain an anti-war, anti-establishment, or anti-capitalist message. Their work endures to this day, and Banksy continually presents their art around the world not only in street art form but also with galleries and exhibitions.

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