Wemo Writable iPhone 7/8, X/XS Case - Phone erasable memo pad cover

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Yes, it's true, most of us take quick notes using some app on our cellphones but, come on, let's face it: scribbling down a couple of lines with a pen is still faster and often much more practical. With that in mind, and coming from a culture that continues to value paper and pen a lot, the Wemo series came up with an idea that is extremely simple but at the same time brilliant enough to win the 2018 Stationery of the Year Award in the Functionality category. It's the Wemo Writable iPhone 7/8, X/XS Case, which turns your iPhone into a notepad.

The Wemo Writable iPhone 7/8, X/XS Case is basically, as the name says, a protective case-cover for your iPhone. The brilliant part is that the triple layer of silicone, polycarbonate, and soft micro-fibers that give it its durability also allow you to use it as a writing surface. Just grab a regular ballpoint pen, write anything you like, and your notes will remain on the cover even if it gets wet -- until you rub it out with a regular eraser! From shopping lists to a rough sketch to an important point you need to remember, now your perfect analog companion for to-do lists is actually right there wrapped around your phone. Choose between the iPhone7/8 or iPhone X/XS versions and four trendy colors: pale green, coral red, dark gray, or blue-green.

The Wemo Writable iPhone 7/8, X/XS Case features:

  • Phone erasable memo pad protective cover/case
  • For iPhone 7/8 or iPhone X/XS
  • Colors: pale green, coral red, dark gray, blue-green
  • Materials: silicone, polycarbonate, soft micro-fibers
  • Waterproof
  • Easily erasable with a common eraser
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)
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