Custom Sofa Car

$8,000 $10,000(Save 20%)USD


The Sofa Car is built from an authentic pices of the most iconic vehicles.

With this Vechicles Sofas recover a piece of history, the nostalgia of the 60’s 70´s 80´s or 90´s while turning it into an example of modern and timeless design.


The Sofas displays several pieces of the original vehicle.

The original bodywork, the two side fins and the complete front of the vehicle, as well as the trunk door, are all part of the finished couch. 

We have also been able to save the original grill with the head lights, as well as the indicators. 

They can all be completely functional thanks to a cable that needs to be connected to a power outlet and controlled by a small switch-panel.  All emblems and logos are original pieces too.


After the first prototype, each new piece is completely personalized. We customize the upholstery and the pain. We can also customize and redesign the full piece down to the smallest details so that the final creation connects and represents our customer. The result is a unique piece of functional and modern design that is emotionally charged with history and symbolism.

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