Tokyo Banana Kit Kat Mini Premium (Pack of 15) - Tokyo souvenir chocolate bars

$46 USD


Anyone who has ever passed through Tokyo Station has seen the Tokyo Banana ads all over it: the fluffy miniature cakes filled with banana puree cream have been a classic choice of souvenir from Tokyo for Japanese and foreign tourists alike since their first introduction in 1991. So it's no wonder that Kit Kat would feature Tokyo Banana in its Japan-exclusive series of snacks and it did with real style with the Tokyo Banana Kit Kat Mini Premium, a new and improved version of the previous collaboration!

The trademark Tokyo Banana puree cream is, of course, present and correct, but now it's enhanced with banana milk flavor, caramel, and crunchy feuilletine crepe flakes. The Tokyo Banana Kit Kat Mini Premium takes the crossover between the two brands to a whole different level. Even if you aren't an avid Japanese Kit Kat collector, this is one uniquely Tokyo flavor that you certainly need to try!

The Tokyo Banana Kit Kat Mini Premium features:

  • Box of 15 Kit Kat Mini snacks
  • Collaboration between Kit Kat and Tokyo Banana, a famous Tokyo souvenir snack
  • Box weight: 254 g (8.9 oz)
  • Box size: 22.7 x 19.6 x 2.5 cm (8.9 x 7.7 x 0.9")
  • White chocolate
  • Contains banana milk, caramel, feuilletine crepe flakes, wheat, milk, soybean, banana
  • 66 kcal per bar
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