Coca-Cola Clear Lime (6 Pack) - Exclusive flavor for Japan and Reiwa era

$12 USD


Japan's emperor has abdicated, his son has taken his place on the Chrysanthemum Throne, and the new era of Reiwa ("beautiful harmony") has begun. To celebrate this landmark event, Coca-Cola has created a unique variation of the classic Coca-Cola theme exclusively for Japan: the Coca-Cola Clear Lime, building on the success of the previous clear version that was launched in the Japanese market one year ago.

Perfectly clear but with the full Coca-Cola taste and the fragrance of fresh lime, Coca-Cola Clear Lime will soon become your favorite drink, especially when the weather is hot. It is also still a healthy option, containing only 48 kcal per 100 ml (3 fl oz). And because we know you won't be able to stop at just one bottle, this is a six-pack: more than enough to quench your thirst! Welcome in Japan's new era and toast the new emperor with this unique and refreshing citrus flavor!

The Coca-Cola Clear Lime features:

  • 6 bottles
  • Ingredients: High-fructose corn syrup, lime juice, carbonic acid, flavoring agents, caffeine
  • Nutrition per 100 ml: energy 48 kcal, protein 0 g, fat 0 g, carbohydrates 12 g, salt equivalent 0 g
  • 500 ml (17 fl oz) each
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