Gold crystal wine glass

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Description: Choose high-quality crystal glass material,exquisite cup color spray process shows temperament peach pink, slender tall shape, smooth and smooth cup, very unique, round The base is designed to be placed smoothly. It is a good choice for drinking and drinking.


Color: pink 220 ml      pink 350 ml      pink 500 ml      pink 530 ml

Material: crystal glass

Process: Phnom Penh + blowing

Size: pink 220 ml: 23 cm*8 cm*4.3 cm      pink 350 ml: 16 cm*8 cm*12.5 cm     Pink 500 ml: 10.8 cm*4.4 cm*6.1 cm

         Pink 530 ml: 22.8 cm*8 cm*7.2 cm

Net weight: pink 220 ml: about 135 g      pink 350 ml: about 160 g      pink 500 ml: about 176 g     Pink 530 ml: about 140 g

Weight after packaging: pink 220 ml: about 580 g      pink 350 ml: about 600 g      pink 500 ml: about 610 g     Pink 530 ml: about 590 g

Category: Wine glasses

Style: simple

Element: solid color

Number: 1

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