Crystal Glass Decanter

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Description: crystal glass material shows the color that gives red wine truly. The decanter is a hand-made, streamlined design to enhance the dining experience. The design of red wine cup is smooth and round, slightly thickened along the mouth. The shape of slender cup stem is graceful, the grip feels comfortable. The circular base is placed smoothly. This set of wines presents different glamour colors from different angles and is the perfect match for your wine tasting.


Color: 200 ml champagne glass      400 ml red wine glass      600 ml red wine glass      decanter

Material: crystal glass

Process: ion plating

Size: 200 ml champagne cup: 24.7 cm*3.9 cm 400 ml      red wine cup: 24 cm*6 cm     600 ml red wine glass: 25.5 cm*6.4 cm

        Decanter: 23.2 cm*21.9 cm*8.1 cm

Weight after packaging: 200 ml champagne glass: about 460 g      400 ml red wine glass: about 470 g

                                       600 ml red wine glass: about 490 g     Decanter: about 1890 g

Type: Wine set

Style: simple

Element: solid color

Number: 1

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