Whiskey silicone ice mold

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Description: It adopts environmentally friendly and healthy silicone and plastic materials. silicone soft cover edge soft toughness, durable, sealed without deformation, layered design and quick demoulding. The water injection port can control the water volume conveniently, with water level line reminder, reinforcement base and anti-slip stripes.


Color: square ice mold    gray round ice mold    blue round ice mold    green round ice mold    cylindrical ice mold

Material: silicone + plastic

Size: Square ice mold: 10cm*9.5cm*12cm    Round ice mold: 7.8cm*8cm*11cm    Cylindrical ice mold: 13cm*6.5cm*10cm

Weight after packaging: about 260g

Scope: whiskey, cocktail, juice, beer and other ice cubes

Style: simple

Element: solid color

Number: 1

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