Black Panther by Richard Orlinski – (Edition of 50) – Chromed Resin Sculpture

$7,800 USD



This large Orlinski Wild Crocodile red chromed resin sculpture by the French contemporary artist Richard Orlinski is representative of hisconcept Born Wild©which attempts to capture the common primal animalistic instincts were share with animals, sublimated in a beautiful work of art. Scientific studies demonstrated that the triune brain structure of humans consisting in the neocortex, the limbic system and the basal ganglia shares the latter with animals, also referred to as“reptilian brain.”Understanding that the reptilian brain structure of the human mind hosts our intrinsic primal instincts, appropriately included in this Orlinski Wild Crocodile red sculpture in hisBorn Wild© collection.The wild and threatening power of the crocodile, suggested by its open mouth and fangs, is subdued to the hypnotizing polished chromed resin surface, the vibrant red color and the diamond-cut angles of this unique beautiful artwork.

  • Crocodile Red – Edition of 500
  • Material: Chromed Resin sculpture.
  • Length: 43.3 in (110 cm) est.
  • Limited Edition: No. 353/500
  • Richard Orlinski – Born Wild©

About Richard Orlinski

Born in January 19, 1966 the multi-faceted French contemporary artist Richard Orlinski’s awakened interest for the arts was sparked after visiting a Contemporary Art exhibition which motivated him to study the works of the great masters in the history of art. Influenced by the works of artists like Robert Montana, Takashi Murakami, Jeff Koons and others, in 2002 Orlinski decided abandoned his career as an interior designer/designer and invest his efforts into becoming an artist working restlessly for around 2 years. Orlinski artistic talent and discipline reaped immediate success by allowing him to later exhibit in world-renowned galleries and venues such as Fiac, Art Élysées, Art Basel, Le Château de Versailles. In 2011, the world’s leading online art price database, ArtPrice identified Richard Orlinski as one of the top 10 best selling French artists in the world and since 2015 he is ranked first. As a way of challenging elitism in art Richard Orlinski ingeniously represents in his sculptures immediately recognizable subjects such as animals or figures of popular culture, through the use of industrial materials resin, used in this limited edition Wild Kong Red sculpture.

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