Stormtrooper Espresso Mugs

$22 USD


Stormtrooper Espresso Mugs 2pcs/set

Get your obligatory cup of Jawa and supe yourself up to suppress rebellion like a true imperial grunt with these out-of-this-world mugs.

A classy, modern objet d’art as much as a handy bit of crockery, these minimalist mugs are a subtle way to pay tribute to your love of Star Wars.

This is the bit where we’re meant to say that Star Wars is a cult classic series of films and blah blah blah but literally who at this point doesn’t know all that? Nobody. That’s what we thought.

This set of two double-walled ceramic espresso cups comes in a beautiful presentation box, worthy of Emperor Palpatine himself - we’re not even joking, these were designed by the same people who designed the original helmets from Star Wars, the good folks at Shepperton Studios.

The perfect gift for those who like their coffee stronger than Leia’s hairspray and blacker than Darth Vader’s helmet.

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