Large Iris Pendant

$399 USD


The Iris Pendant light transforms its form and the atmosphere in a room by changing its light direction and projections. By adjusting this fixture you can have upward pointing light, a downward pointing light, or a mixture of both. The reflective interior of casts intricately patterned reflections that change as the light's configuration is changed. This would be the perfect light for the center of a room or above your dining room table.

The Iris series lamps are the fruit of years of development of the patented overlapping leaves mechanism first explored in lightexture's Steamlight series. (Patent #8,025,430) Composed of overlapping brass leaves, each Iris Lamp has two adjustable apertures; as one opens, the other closes. When the lower aperture is fully open, light shines directly down, casting textured light onto the surface below. When the upper aperture is open, patterned light shines upward and bounces off the ceiling to fill the space with a warm, indirect light. The transition between these two provides a variety of reflections and light atmospheres.
Featured in the MIT exhibition - Objects by architects.

Marked down from $499

This pendant light is UL listed.

This animation shows the range of ways the hanging brass pendant lamp's light can be adjusted:
(Please note that this pendant lamp's shade adjustment is not controlled remotely, but is easily changed by hand.)

The shade measures 13" W x 13" D x 9" H. It comes with a 5' brass or stainless braided cord that can be shortened during installation. (If you require a longer cord, please contact us.) The matching ceiling plate is 5" in diameter, and can be mounted to a standard junction box. (Lights to be shipped outside of the U.S. will be constructed with a Europe-compatible ceiling plates.)

Hardware and installation instructions are included with each light.

The pendant light is fitted with two standard (medium base) sockets which fit standard bulbs up to 150W each. We supply it with two bulbs that work together.

8W LED dimmable light bulb that is extremely efficient in it's power consumption and therefore are environmentally friendly. It give out light equivalent to a 70W incandescent and it's average life is 25,000 hours

43W double shielded Halogen light bulb that create the sharpest, most defined texture possible. It give out light equivalent to a 60W incandescent.

If you rather have only LED bulbs just say so in your comments. These are frosted bulbs so the light textures will be softer.

We cannot provide light bulbs for customers using 220-240V electricity, but the hanging lamp does come with two standard sockets and can fit any bulb up to 150W.

The Iris Pendant Lamp is also available in a smaller size here:

A few costumer reviews we got for this item:

"I LOVE this light!! I had been looking for the "right" lighting for my dining room and could not find anything that "moved" me until this amazing pendant light. The light and shadows it casts is mesmerizing. It has so many positions it can be adjusted to and each is unique. Wow!"


"Love the color of light - warm and golden - and the illumination it casts on the ceiling and walls. Works great and is easy to adjust."


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