Claylight Boomerang Chandelier

$1,450 USD


Four large white ceramic light shades hang from two Australian brigalow wood boomerangs and create a mobile of lights, textures and shapes in this Juan Miro inspired chandelier.

Chandelier Dimensions: 40" wide x 11" deep x Height can be 36"" to 70", to be set on installation.
longer cords can be supplied upon request with no extra cost.

This light is UL listed

The chandelier's ceramic shades include one 11" light shade, two 9" shades, and one 7.5" shade. Each boomerang measures 22" long.

The perforations create a camera obscura lighting effect in which the small round holes project line shaped light textures.

We offer this chandelier with two light bulb options:

Incandescent: four 53W standard screw bulbs: dimmable light bulbs that are more efficient in its energy use than a regular incandescent. (equivalent to a 75W incandescent) These give out focused light textures

LED: Four 8W dimmable LED bulbs that are 10 times more efficient in their energy use than regular incandescent light bulbs (each equivalent to 70W incandescent), have a longer life span of 30,000 hours and a warm white light color. These give out diffused light textures.

The chandelier has three standard screw bulb sockets and one candelabra standard socket. Maximum wattage 510W.

Intended to be connected to a standard electrical junction box and comes with a the appropriate hardware and matching clay ceiling plate.
- The junction box in the intended installation spot should be able to hold at least 18lb.

European, UK and Australian, African and Asian Customers: We cannot supply light bulbs for 220V orders but will use standard sockets so bulbs would be easy to find in your country. Lead time for 220V version: around seven days

The ceramic shades and ceiling plate are by ceramic artist Sharan Elran.

Some feedbacks we got for this chandelier:

"It's so beautiful and unique. I love the patterns the lights make as well. It's hanging above my bed and I'm always staring up at it, even when it's not turned on. I now want to get lamps for my night stands."


"Stunning fixture!!! It fits our space perfectly. Impeccable craftsmanship and reflection on the wall from the cuts in each fixture is just magical. Love, love ❤️"


"Everything about this is perfect; the light is beautiful and the service was excellent"


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