Photo Backup Stick DC for Android - Backup Pictures & Videos from Android Phones & Tablets


The Photo Backup Stick DC for Android is the easiest way to back up your photos from your Android phone and your Windows computer in one tool. Whether you need to back up photos to make more room or you just want peace-of-mind that your pictures are safe from lost or damaged phones, the Photo Backup Stick is the perfect solution. This Direct Connect version includes adapters to connect the stick directly to your Android phone or tablet. It includes a free Android app to help you back up your photos and videos directly to the USB drive without the need for a computer. The stick also includes special software that runs on Windows computers that allows you to back up from computers and USB drives as well as iPhones & iPads. If you're more comfortable using Windows apps, you can even connect your Android device to your computer and back up your device through your computer. It supports all Android manufacturers running Android 5.0 and higher. Advanced features allow you to scan your entire computer for photos or just focus on the Pictures folder where most people store their photos. It won't back up duplicates so you can back up as often as you like without filling your storage space with multiple copies of your photos. Back up all your devices using this all-in-one photo and video backup tool.

  • Directly Connects to Androids - Backs up photos from your Android (Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google, and all Android manufacturers) by connecting it directly to your device (USB adapters included)
  • Backs Up from Your Windows Computer - Plug it into your Windows computer and run the software to back up photos and videos
  • Backs Up from iPhones & iPads - The Windows computer app also supports backing up from Apple devices. Plug the device into your computer along with the stick to back them up.
  • Unlimited Use - Use it as often as you like on as many computers & phones as you want until you run out of space on the USB drive
  • Free Up Space on Your Phone - Once you back up your photos, you can delete them knowing they are safely stored and easily viewed from the Photo Backup Stick USB drive
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