Classic Vintage Bluetooth & USB Retro Keyboard

$99 $125(Save 21%)USD


Retro Typewriter-style Keyboard  can be used as Wired USB or Bluetooth 3.0 


Main Features:
1. Interchangable Bluetooth + wired input modes allows you the freedom to connect as you choose.
2. Fully transparent acrylic body gives observers a change to see the beautiful interior.
3. Newest retro vintage typewriter keycaps 
4. Built-in 3500mAh Samsung lithium-ion battery, provides more than two months of use on a single charge. Be free of those annoying frequent charging sessions.
5. RGB backlighting can dazzle any on-looker and gives you the freedom to match any of your moods.
6. Compact design, only 10cm in width, allows for comfortable travel an d easy carry.


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