Full Color Smart LED Light Board 4pcs/Set

$258 USD


Full Color Smart Odd Light Board 

  • Upgrade from a standard nightlight with the Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lights. The modular system allows you to control and change the color, creating a custom, mood-driven canvas in your own home. 
  • Smart Glitter, colorful music world
  • Voice control, custom embellishment, light, jump with notes, full color lighting
  • Free stitching to stimulate the artist in mind
  • The modular design of the triangular plate allows you to distinguish it from the ordinary light bulb at the first sight. 
  • It can be like the building blocks and the jigsaw puzzle, and it can be put together into the shape you want in your heart, to stimulate the artist in your heart, and the creativity is borderless. 
  • The novelty gameplay that opens the drain hole is waiting for you to discover
  • Color warm and cold, 16 million colors, voice control, custom scenes, follow music jump, brightness and brightness adjustment

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