Shiba Dog 1,000 Yen Note Face Towel - Japanese money design


Notes of money generally feature famous and respected figures, but what about animals? The Shiba Dog 1,000 Yen Note Face Towel reimagines a standard Japanese 1,000 yen note with that most Japanese of dog breeds. The original design for this item were first posted on Twitter and went viral, attracting over 250,000 likes! In addition to the main Shiba dog, the towel has many other inventive and fun details, including a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel on the bottom left and, instead of the usual inkan official stamp, a cute dog paw. Look out for the Pomeranian dog in the center window, too. Made of microfibers, the towel is soft and comfortable.


The Shiba Dog 1,000 Yen Note Face Towel features:

  • Face towel
  • Dimensions: 340 x 670 mm (13.4 x 26.4")
  • Material: microfibers
  • Shiba dog Japanese note design print
  • Made in Japan
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