Radio Click Clock

$79 USD


TheRadio Click Clockis a beautifully designed, and great sounding clock radio.

The clean and uncomplicated design sets this clock radio apart from the usual. The user-friendly onscreen LED display appears to float, contrasting against the natural design.

Wake up to the delightful stereo-sound of the 49 beautifully lined speaker dots, and snooze to your heart's content with a simple press of the tuning button on top. And, as with all the click clocks, a clap of your hands or click of your fingers, andthe display magically lights up with the time, date and temperature.

— FM Radio With On Screen Frequency Display
— Automatic Channel Searching Or Manual Tuning
— Display Time, Date And Temperature Alternately Or Only On Permanent Time Display
— On Screen Alarm Time Display
— Radio Or Buzzer Alarm Option And 5 Or 7 Days Alarm Setting
— Sound Activated Display Or Permanently Stays On
— 12/24h Clock And Celsius Or Fahrenheit Temperate Display
— European Or American Date Display
— LED Display Automatically Dims By Half Between 9pm And 7am
— Power Supply: Built-in 2000mah Rechargeable Battery Or Wall Plug Adaptor
— Battery Life: 7-8 Hours When Radio Is Constantly In Use; 10-14 Days When Clock Is On Permanent Display Setting And 3-4 Months In Sound Activated Display Setting
— Inbuilt Internal Memory Battery To Keep All Your Custom Settings

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