Adorable Animal Wireless Speaker




A PREMIUM BLUETOOTH STATION: Enjoy quality sound wherever you are with this Bluetooth V4.2 wireless speaker with 3 + 3W (2 drivers), stereo, and even a microphone to answer your calls. TAKE IT AROUND: Use your Bluetooth mobile speaker throughout the day. This 12.69-kg 139.5x80x70 mm Bluetooth waterproof speaker has 3 to 5 hours of battery life and a charging time of up to 5 hours, thanks to its 1800mAh battery.


A BLUETOOTH DESIGN SPEAKER: The elements of each animal can be removed to customize each Adorable MOB laptop enclosure when the customer purchases several. Ready for a panda-unicorn? YOU RECEIVE: a USB portable Bluetooth speaker, a power cable, a manual. Upon delivery, your waterproof Bluetooth speaker is ready to use!


PLEASURE TO OFFER: this waterproof enclosure is ideal for a spontaneous purchase or a gift idea. Offer two even. There is no better gift than a pair of powerful portable Bluetooth speakers for a music enthusiast.



New powerful and original speaker designed with love and intelligence. Equipped with 3 + 3W (2 drivers), a microphone and a stereo mode, it offers a range of very sharp features. The Adorable enclosure gives you autonomy up to 6.5h, for use throughout the day. The tails and ears of each animal can be removed to customize if you have more.

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