Philip Ian Love Bear Hermes Sculpture (2019)

$5,800 USD


Love Bear Hermes - Orange (2019)

-Resin and gloss varnish

-21 7/10 × 9 4/5 × 9 4/5 in

Ian Philip is a painter and plastic artist born in 1986. He is a self-taught artist who grew up in a familiar environment that incited him to create. A combination of design and interior decoration, his work led him to spent ten years on Cote d'azur, where his work was demanded by wealthy yatch owners. Today, he focuses on a more personal practice.

His creations are made up of simple materials, pop references and original and cheerfulsculptures. Made of plastic andresin, they are directly inspired by references of the pop culture, superheroes and Star Wars, with a contemporary and colorful appearance.

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