Avocado Inflatable Boat Float Beach Ball


✪ AVOCADO DESIGN ✪ Very beautiful colors and new dazzling shapes, exquisite curves and vivid colors with extreme attention to detail. Attracting the attention of people of all ages, it will make you the focus of the pool party.
✪ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS ✪ Made of environmentally friendly PVC material, soft and skin-friendly, thicker and more stable. The use of advanced seam technology, streamlined design, effectively prevent water leakage.
✪ EASY TO CARRY ✪ The inflatable row is very small after folding, so you can easily place it in the corner of the car. It does not occupy your space.
✪ SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES ✪ Ideal for kids and adults enjoying summer fun or simply relaxing, this pool buoy always brings a smile when used in a pool, beach or party.

Material: Environmental PVC
Size: 160cm*125cm*36cm

Please do not approach sharp things, such as prickly plants or pointed stones or blades. Do not use it as a lifesaving device.
Stay away from fire or hot items. Avoid alkaline medicines.
When the temperature is high, please don't put inflatable products that inflated and turn off the valve in the car or tent.
Please don't be exposed to the sun for a long time. UV rays will damage the surface of the material.
Remember don't be too full, especially in the summer, please don't be too severe jump on the product, or the product drawstring will overload and fracture, and caused bulge can not be repaired, as a result be scrapped.

Package includes:
1 *Avocado Swim ring

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