Mister E Louis Vuitton Benny (2017)


Mister E's stunning new dyptech painting featuring authentic vintage Louis Vuitton Stickers and his signature "Benny Jr" hand painted imagery. Size: 20 x 48" (2). Truly unique and striking piece!


Mister E is known for his colossal & colorful interpretations of US currency. “The art of money” is more than a phrase when it comes to Mister E’s creative art pieces. The Miami based artist takes society’s love of banknotes to an entirely new level by creating a colorful bold currency for art lovers around the world.

His inspiration comes from all forms of US currency. From single dollar bills to hundred dollar bills, Mister E seeks to place beauty in the everyday item of legal tender. Mister E produces an unique take on an the everyday and claims inspiration from popular artist Damien HirstJeff Koons and Mr. Brainwash. Mister E’s colorful pop-inspired works are catching a lot of attention from celebrities, art institutions and collectors.



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