Medicom x KAWS Chomper Bearbrick 1000% (2003)

$14,000 USD


KAWS was an early artistic partner for the brand, and released his first BE@RBRICK in 2002, just one year after the toy company Medicom introduced the character to the public. KAWS’s B@ARBRICK showcased the artist’s signature figure, the “Companion,” with rounded teddy ears and Xs in place of eyes. In the world of BE@RBRICK toys, sizes are listed as percentages, ranging from 50% to 1,000%, with the standard size of 100% measuring 70 millimeters high. Today, KAWS’s most sought-after BE@RBRICKs include the vibrant blue Chomper (2003), the karimoku wood BBWT(2005), the colorful Dissected Companion (2008–2010), and the brightly patterned BBWW Tour (2012). Stands about 27 inches tall.

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