Princess Hime Suite Cup Cake Bath Bombs - DIY bath time fun set

$68 USD


Cute and fun to make! The Princess Hime Suite Cup Cake Bath Bombs lets you create and customize original bath time items. Simply mix the two powders with water to make the "cup cake" mixture. Press into the cup cake mold to shape the mixture. Before the cup cake mixture sets, make the icing cream with the cream powder and water, mixing well and put into the pastry bag. Now you can use the cream and decorations on the cup cake. It is so easy that anyone aged six or over can enjoy making these cup cake bath bombs.

The Princess Hime Suite Cup Cake Bath Bombs features:

  • "Cup cake" bath bombs x 6
  • Design by Princess Hime (Japanese YouTuber)
  • Includes: powder A x 2, powder B x 2, cream powder x 4, cup cake mold x 1, bowl x 1, measuring spoon x 1, mixing sticks x 2, pastry bags x 3, caps x 2, decorations x 12, paper cups x 6, work sheet x 1
  • Do not eat
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to understand)
  • Made in Japan
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