Inverso Point Wood Wall Hangers by Lignis

$208 USD


Inverso Point
wall hangers by Lignis draw inspiration from one of the fundamental elements of geometry: the point.

When opposites attract: Inverso is a collection of wall hangers that are proposed in pairs, with two different hanging senses and with a play of colors that alternate their background and design. Freely placed on the wall, they create endless, highly decorative and original combinations.

Inverso Point wall hangers are made of inlayed wood and entirely designed and produced in Italy, as a result of the deep knowledge of rare and precious wood species combined to the craftsmanship experience with natural materials.

Classic, witty and always sophisticated, Inverso Point are made using the inlay technique: a single piece of wood veneer, jointed to the others with patience and ability, corresponds to each different polka dot. 0.6 mm thin veneers are chosen one by one basing on the grain characteristics and on the most suitable colors. With the precision of the laser cut the pieces of wood are cut out and then joined together by hand, like a puzzle, respecting the sense of the wood grain. The surface is refined, polished and brushed by hand, and finally mat finished with a water-based paint.

Each pack contains a pair of coat racks with inverted hanging position and texture.



Wall hangers with inlays in authentic wood. Base in solid oak, front with inlays in birch and wengé-colored sides.

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