Capriccio Socks Inlayed Wood Picture by Lignis

$763 USD


Seeking spontaneity, fun and freshness in a world that imposes order is an act of courage. Expressing means to exist. Socks picture by Lignis is the desire for irony and vivacity in a world that imposes rules.

The legs still standing on a step but eager to get in motion are highlighted by a masterful combination of colored wood inlays to express movement and spontaneity emerging from the flat surface.

Wood, stucco, details in bas-relief, inlays in precious species: Capriccio is a collection of decorative panels in inlayed wood with a three-dimensional effect by means of bas-relief details. Fanciful, fun and elegant subjects: in artistic terms, the word Capriccio refers to an unusual and imaginative composition, far away from rationality.

At each color change of Socks corresponds a different material, a single piece of veneer, jointed to the other with patience and ability. 0.6 mm thin veneers are chosen one by one basing on the grain characteristics and on the most suitable colors for every single product. With the precision of the laser cut the pieces of wood are cut out and then joined together by hand, like a puzzle, respecting the sense of the wood grain. A back support is applied on the inlayed composition before it is pressed with a heating method. Once the surface is refined, polished and brushed by hand, the bas-relief details are attached to the panel: all the protruding elements are made from a single sheet of wood veneer, cut, back supported, and pressed with heating technique and then strictly glued by hand on a previously inlaid panel, creating a three-dimensional effect with small shadows on the surface of the decorative panel. The panel is finished with a 3-coat water-based paint.




MATERIALS: Decorative panel with inlays in light grey lati, dark grey lati, wengé-colored lati, oak, black ash, birch. Side faces in black ash. Low relief technique for a three-dimensional effect.

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