Pre-Charged & Eco-Friendly ResQBattery: Emergency Battery for iPhone/Android

$18.99 $21(Save 10%)USD


ResQBattery is a pre-charged eco-friendly emergency phone battery that jumpstarts your phone when you need it the most. This USB is a 2 in 1 - a 'social' USB as we like to call it. The smooth side of the USB is designed to charge Apple products. Flip it over, and you'll reveal a side with grooves for charging Android products. So why do we call it a social USB? Because two friends that have different phones can both charge with the same ResQBattery. Portable and cable-free, this battery is dually compatible with iPhone 6, 7 Series & Android and will charge for up to 6 hours. Once it's all used up, it's also fully recyclable.

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