Zip Jar Opener

$8 USD


Zip Jar Opener


A stubborn jar can be so frustrating...but hey, get a grip! This zip opener will wrap around any lid, to give you that little extra strength you need. 

  • Material: silicone.BPA free, FDA approved
  • It fits the palm of your hand that provides a good grips for comfort and performance.
  • The silicone can opener design is with the ideal distance apart to maximize leverage
  • Amazingly simple operation, no instructions necessary, this silicone can opener is just intuitive to use. get Those lids off even the stubborn ones, more versatile than any wall mounted jar opener, and safe to use
  • This silicone can opener fits all sizes of jars and bottles effortlessly to clean & easy storage - slips neatly in cutlery drawer, will not take up too much space.
  • Measures:see image
  • Pack:1 piece per pack.



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