White Marble Tube

$29 USD


Translated to mean flash, sparkle, and gleam, marble in all its regality and sophistication has earned its right as the embodiment of refined taste and luxury. Loved by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, the greatest artists throughout history sculpted some of the most famous and valued pieces of art from this beautiful material. Following in the footsteps of these prestigious artists, #GETFLOATY searched the world for the finest marble to carve into a spectacular, floating masterpiece. Let the stunning natural power of the marble float you in timeless style.


  • Easy Inflation - The Marble Tube has a one-way double valve that allows for quick and easy inflation by breath or air pump.
  • No Hassle Deflation - When you are ready to pack up, simply pull the plug for rapid, hands-free deflation.
  • Get Comfy - #GETFLOATY’s non-phthalate, Soft Touch Vinyl™ ensures a super comfortable and luxurious floating experience with no added risk of toxins.
  • Comes in a Kololo box with sticker and repair patch
  • Inflated size: 36" x 36" x 10"

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