Kirimawashi Edible Gold Leaf Food Garnish - Unique Japanese dish decoration

$36 USD


Now this is really how to impress people with your cooking! Just sprinkle this Kirimawashi Edible Gold Leaf Food Garnish onto your finished dish and wait for the response of your guests! This set of garnish is a beautiful finishing touch for almost any food serving. There are many high-quality restaurants and hotels in Japan that use gold leaf like this for their signature dishes. One of the many merits of gold leaf is that it doesn't affect the taste of the food, making it suitable for both sweet or savoury dishes. Just gently pick up the gold leaf with tweezers and place it on your food serving according to your ornamental preference.

The Kirimawashi Edible Gold Leaf Food Garnish features:

  • 20 mm (0.8") strips of gold leaf
  • Weight: 0.08 g (0.003 oz)
  • With bamboo tweezers
  • Safe to eat
  • Images show serving suggestions only
  • Made in Japan
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