Adjustable Neck Gaiter

$25 USD


Neck Gaiter - Adjustable!

Identical to the Classic Neck Gaiter but with velcro tabs at the top to allow you to decrease the size by up to 3 inches for slimmer necks!

The Difference is in the Fabric.
The activated particles in Cocona™/37.5™ fabric increase the surface area by up to 800%. The greater surface area results in outstanding climate control ~warming or cooling as needed~ and UV protection. The protection never washes out.

    • Light-weight and sheer, but UPF 50+ the highest level of sun protection.
    • Protects the front, sides and back of the neck. Or wear it up to protect your nose and lower face. Also works great as a head scarf.
    • Adjustable with velcro tabs for a perfect fit every time. One-size-fits-all.
    • Yoke neckline designed to protect the upper chest.
    • On hot days, wet the neck gaiter for prolonged cooling pleasure.

Everyday, customers write in with new uses and ways to wear the neck gaiter and we'd like to share some of them here: fishing face mask, neck warmer, cool neck wrap by wetting the gaiter and allowing the evaporating water to cool the neck back and chest, neck gaiter for running (running neck gaiter) full sun face mask, nose sun protector, neck sun protection for front, sides and back of the neck and cooling head wrap.

We enjoy all of the variant spellings for the product and we welcome them all: neck gator, neck gater, neck gaitor. It doesn't matter to us how you spell it, just wear it to protect your precious skin!

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