Smart Remote Controlled Luggage

$880 USD


Modern luxury luggage adopting the latest in technology and innovation. This luggage can be connected to your phone or included smart band so that it can follow you automatically without lifting or carrying the bag.


Control your luggage through a phone app or electronic bracelet equipped with Ultra Wideband Technology.




Automatic follow

App remote control

USB charging interface

Removable battery

Anti-lost alarm

Intelligent obstacle avoidance

Fingerprint unlock

LED light


Main specifications:


Size, including wheels: 20 inches (381 x 246 x 533 mm)

Suitcase weight: 6 kg

Top speed: 6km/h

Shell material: ABS + PC

Wheel type - four Omni wheels at front and back, two drive wheels in the center

Lock type: TSA & fingerprint lock/TSA passcode lock

 Trolley handle:  three sections & dual tubes aluminum alloy trolley


This product comes with a money-back guarantee against defects. Please feel free to ask questions.

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