Mister E The Original Benny Jr. $10,000 Stack

$990 USD


Mister E is known for his colossal & colorful interpretations of US currency. “The art of money” is more than a phrase when it comes to Mister E’s creative art pieces. The Miami based artist takes society’s love of banknotes to an entirely new level by creating a colorful bold currency for art lovers around the world.

His inspiration comes from all forms of US currency. From single dollar bills to hundred dollar bills, Mister E seeks to place beauty in the everyday item of legal tender. Mister E produces an unique take on an the everyday and claims inspiration from popular artist Damien HirstJeff Koons and Mr. Brainwash. Mister E’s colorful pop-inspired works are catching a lot of attention from celebrities, art institutions and collectors.

The iconic Benny Jr. $10,000 stack.

This stack includes one signed, stamped and fingerprinted Benny Jr. by Mister E, and 99 additional Benny Jr. bills.  The enitre stack is then sealed, stamped, and fingerprinted by Mister E.

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