Bamboo Kitchen Expandable Drawer Organizer with Knife Block

$30 $40(Save 25%)USD


Specially made to quickly and easily expand to fit a wide range of drawers by simply adjusting it from 13" to 20" in no time.

Keep your flatware, silverware or kitchen accessories easily separated within the specially designed 7 various compartments of the Bambüsi for a clutter-free kitchen!

Featuring two small knife blocks inserted in the drawer, you can keep your knives protected and sharp by simply sliding them. When you are ready to use them, just open the drawer and they will be right there waiting for you!

Expertly designed for your convenience, the Bambüsi can easily adjust from 5 to compartments in seconds with just a quick push or pull.


The eco- friendly Moso bamboo material not only looks incredible regardless of where you place it around your home, but it also helps prevent bacteria from growing within the drawers. As kitchens can often be a hotbed for germs, its antibacterial properties reduce contamination and keep your silverware clean as well as orderly.



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