Modern Tea Bag Organizer

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This beautifully designed, handcrafted wooden tea box provides you with four separate compartments holding 40 tea bags each, keeping your collection organized. The exterior display window allows you to show off the different teas, while the removal top lets you restock more bags whenever you need!
The Bambüsi tea box keeps your kitchen free from messy tea bag boxes and allows you to elegantly display your tea variety in an organic tea organizer.

To help you easily display and select the perfect tea for that exact moment, the tea box fully rotates so you can get a glimpse of all four compartments. Then, simply select the tea bag and you are ready for a hot cup!

To add a touch of natural beauty to your kitchen, the box has been crafted from high quality, 100% organic Moso Bamboo. The bamboo's durable composition and antibacterial properties means it does not only look great in your kitchen, but protects your tea from harmful bacteria.

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