Organic Bamboo Silicone BPA-Free Baby Spoons

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This gentle baby spoon set is a great gift for baby showers, first birthdays, the holidays or any other special occasion! Any expecting parents will be thrilled to have baby utensils that are specially designed to keep their children safe and making feeding time a breeze.

Specially Design for Gentle Baby Feeding

Perfect for teaching self-feeding to infants, these spoons are soft, safe and child-friendly to keep your baby smiling!

  • The high quality Moso Bamboo base is lightweight, so that your child can navigate the spoons to their mouth all by themselves.
  • The combination of the silicon and Moso Bamboo make the spoons 100% BPA free.
  • The spoon set offers a flexible silicon tip that is extra gentle on their tender mouths.
  • Light and designed for you to take with you in your baby bag, you can pull these spoons out wherever your baby eats.

You don't want to put just anything in your precious baby's mouth, which is why we have created the baby spoon set to be free of any harmful chemicals that can endanger children.

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