Premium Air Inflatable Seat Cushion


Comfortable Sitting Experience: If you are feeling tired when working for over 5 or even 8 hours, you need this comfort seat cushion to get pressure relief. 56 plump aircells on it helps to disperse the body pressure. When the air cell is squeezed, the air in it will flow to other cells around it to proceed air circulation. This will disperse pressure zone which generates a stress relief sense of 30%.

Adjustable Inflation Extent: An easy pump will help to rapidly inflate the cushion. You can adjust the inflation extent according to your need. Deflation is as easy as Inflation.
Premium Cushion Material: This high-resilience seat cushion adopts anti-bacterial fabric and eco TPU material. And this seat cover also adopts a high-resilience material which is hard to deform and supports repeated washings.

Thoughtful Design: Shallow grooves between 3D air cells let air in and flow which achieves the purpose of cooling by reducing heat transfer among legs, hip and seat.
Versatile: The air inflation seat cushion is an ideal equipment in home living, office, car, airplane, wheelchair and so on. It can be applied anywhere if you want to take a seat. Pressure and pain relief will offer you real break time.


Package:1 Pump+1Cushion

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