Portable Bamboo Picnic Wine Table and Cutlery Cheese Set

$30 $40(Save 25%)USD


Designed to be a conversation starter between guests and acquaintances, this chic and elegant picnic table offers a groundbreaking style that allows everyone to celebrate the unique moment in merriment – be it in the backyard, front-yard, rooftop, at the beach or concert.

Our picnic table is professionally crafted with premium Moso bamboo and comes with cutlery set including a corkscrew wine opener so you can be equipped with everything to celebrate your event to the fullest.


A Portable Mini Bar

This picnic table features clever characteristics that provide easy management when cutting and serving specialties.

  • 6 slots for suspending wine glasses.
  • Large rounded smooth surface to cut and serve assortment of cheeses, hams, and crunchy crackers.
  • Hide-away cut out sections to keep the stainless steel cutlery set.
  • Collapsible design makes it portable and convenient to carry easily anywhere.


The striking design of this outdoor cheese board is made with premium bamboo, a natural sustainable resource with antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that makes it secure for foods. It’s BPA-free and require little maintenance.

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