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Used for centuries by Mexican cooks, a molcajete is an ancient form of mortar and pestle uses the rough surface of volcanic stone to more efficiently grind and release flavorful oils from vegetable and spices. Mexican artisans carve the Verve Culture molcajete out of the volcanic stone, along with a matching pestle called a tejolote. The rough surface of the basalt stone creates a superb grinding surface that maintains itself over time as tiny bubbles in the basalt are ground down, replenishing the textured surface. Prepare salsa, queso, mole or guacamole in your molcajete, and you'll be hooked by the fresh and flavorful results.

Included with your molcajete is a tortillero palm basket, also made by Mexican artisans and used to keep homemade tortillas warm. Each basket is hand-woven, so every color combination is special and unique to you!

Your molcajete will pick up flavors of foods you make in it over time, continually enhancing the flavor of the foods you are working with. A new molcajete needs to be cured, or "broken in” because small grains of basalt can be loosened from the surface when it is first used and this will give an unpleasant gritty texture to the first few items prepared in it. Here is how we recommend curing before first use:

  1. Rinse the molcajete with water (or let soak in water overnight), then clean with a wire brush to get rid of surface debris and dust.
  2. Place enough rice to make an even layer across the bottom of the molcajete.
  3. Pour in about a tablespoon of water, then use the tejolote to work the rice up and around the entire inner surface of the molcajete until the rice has formed a grey paste.
  4. Rinse out the paste, and repeat the rice grinding until the resulting paste is no longer grey.
  5. You can then repeat with garlic, onion, cumin seeds, rock salt, or cilantro to add a seasoned flavor before your first use.

Please note that each basket is unique in color and pattern.

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