Universal Car Retractable Windshield Sunshade Auto for Car & Truck

$50 $75(Save 33%)USD


Products :

46cm: For Rear Window

65cm: For Compact Car

70cm: For Midsize, SUV, MPV

80cm: For Truck

Convenient and adjustable size

The front windshield sunshade of our car can be adjusted according to your car freely, and the disassembly-free and retractable design makes you feel more convenient.

Croppable design

Our windshield sunshade can be cut according to the actual size of your car, not only in the front window, but also in the rear window, as long as you cut it according to the size.

Fully equipped

Equipped with high-quality suction cups and mounting buttons, the suction cup can be fixed to the window under vacuum, making it easy for you to use and making your life easier.

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