TRI Tripod Floor Lamp

$119 USD


This tripod floor lamp isn't just practical. It's beautiful as well. This lamp was designed to harmonize with any living space, which can be seen through its elegant structure and minimal, modern aesthetics. This lamp is equally at home as a focal point for your interior design vision or discreetly tucked into a corner. With three light sources, this innovative lamp casts a soft and comforting light.

This lamp demands attention. It's so delicate and graceful with its thin branches, but also so stable and functional as well. The dichotomy in this piece is very interesting.

One look at this lamp, and your guests will be able to tell that you're a confident and creative soul with an eye for high quality craftsmanship and vision. Owning this tripod floor lamp can help you cultivate a more distinctive image for yourself. We often think of lamps as basic items, but this modern take on the classic lighting device shows that even the most familiar tools can be anything but basic.

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