Black Label Edition Champagne Gift Set

$60 USD


Our Champagne luxury gift sets make the perfect present! No wrapping needed. Each gift set includes gift box (top and bottom), fill, and wrapped with an elegant cross grain ribbon bow.


BLACK LABEL EDITION GIFT SET: Includes one Bubbly 2 Burn Black Label edition candle & one Bubbly 2 Scrub Black Label Edition Sugar Scrub (made with organic coconut oil)

SCENT Delicate saffron threads infused with apple blossoms, black currants, and blackberries with warm & spicy anise and sparkling amber notes.

Bubbly2Burn Champagne Inspired Candles are the perfect pairing of two of life’s greatest joys: champagne and candles. It’s the sparkling sensation you get when you hear the pop of a champagne bottle coupled with the warm glow of candlelight. It’s a cause for celebration, a little bit of luxury in the comfort of your home. And we can’t wait to captivate you with its charm.

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